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I am equally left and right brained, which guides my approach to problem solving and even manifests itself in my physical attributes - I draw with my left hand and I do most everything else with my right. While I considered it advantageous to have a creative and analytical mind, I found myself torn between architecture and engineering when thinking about my college path.

I chose architecture over engineering for two fundamental reasons: architecture innately and holistically combines left and right brain thinking, and I have an endless fascination with buildings that harbor special places. I knew I would never tire of the joy of exploring buildings - from their memorable spaces down to their carefully designed details. The thought of making memorable spaces of my own was very invigorating.

Thirty years later, my love of architecture still hasn't waned, and today I'm even more excited because we are on the cusp of a revolution in architectural design and the making of buildings. On the creative side, we now have the ability to experience a building virtually. This allows us to spatially convey the building to clients and users in a way that has never been possible.

For the past 20 years, my architectural portfolio has centered around higher education campuses, which in many ways are microcosms of cities in the challenges and opportunities that they face. We have the potential to solve global problems on a smaller scale and then apply those solutions elsewhere. I try to push the envelope in these research-enlightened communities, studying and implementing innovative ideas in sustainability, materials, and technology and developing a design solution that considers the whole campus community rather than focusing solely on individual buildings.

It is such a privilege to work in environments where we help to shape the lives of young students with the spaces we design; places that support and inspire them as they study, learn, dine, play and live on campus - before they launch into the world of opportunity ahead of them.

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