Chris Waltz, AIA


Growing up I was fascinated with math, science, and building things, so I always knew I would end up somewhere in the construction industry. As a musician rather than an artist, however, architecture never really came across my radar. I spent my undergraduate years pursuing degrees in engineering and history and performing around the American southeast with a rock band. It was this combination of studying and travelling (plus a little bit of aging) that made me appreciate how culture, tradition, location, technology, and climate impact the aesthetics and function of buildings. This realization sent me back to school for architecture, where I immediately found the mixture of science and creativity that I never realized I had been looking for.

My favorite aspect of the design process is creative problem-solving, which happens all the way from siting the building to planning and detailing, through construction. My role is to challenge the team to think outside the box during every phase of the project, utilizing our own experience while learning from the research and expertise of others—both inside and outside the industry. The goal is continuous improvement to provide the highest performing, best functioning, and most beautiful buildings possible within the constraints of schedule and budget.