Jonathan Baron, AIA


Before I became an architect, I worked as an editor on documentary films. I loved studying available footage, choosing the right shots and sounds, and assembling the pieces to tell a story. But, over time, I realized once a film was complete and viewed, there was nothing substantial left—for me or the viewer. It was as if all the months of work that were required to compile the film never happened. I wanted to find a way to continue building projects from a variety of components, but have it result in something that would have a lasting effect on people’s lives. I’ve found that work in architecture.

I love that through my work, I am able to uncover questions, assemble answers, and make decisions that will positively impact people’s lives.

Through my work in higher education, I’ve helped shape school facilities and libraries. I understand deeply how to craft these spaces to support learning and student engagement. I’ve also focused on making choices that support sustainability to create not only a good building, but a building that’s good for its users and society.