Scott Slarsky


I crave places where people gather to live, work, fight, read, study, and think. I search for the places where people engage with one another in ways that enhance and deepen opportunities for thoughtful exchange. My attitude toward design was nurtured in the studios of Rafael Moneo and Juan Navarro Baldeweg in Madrid, during Spain’s post-Franco Renaissance. For a young American architect, it was eye-opening to witness the celebration of civic freedom given form in architecture.

Academic campuses are utopian experiments that provide us with opportunities to create places for learning, gathering, and living that represent ideal forms of habitation and exchange. The care and pride taken by the stakeholders of our higher education campuses reflect the sense of stewardship that is necessary to protect these moments of public celebration. I enjoy partnering with these clients to enact purposeful change that will be the catalyst for deepening the communal values of the institution.

For me, architecture is not about making buildings; it is about maximizing the moments for public interaction that will nurture our humanity. These moments can happen across a table, through an atrium, under a bridge, on a rooftop… everywhere.